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Dazi Acres Market for 10/20/13

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Did You Know?

That you can pre-order soaps that aren’t ready yet?
It takes soap 4-6 weeks to “cure”, ensuring that it’s safe to use and will hold up under use. But many times we go to the market and new bars sell out before we can get them listed on the site. Look for items marked Pre-Order on the market.
That our soap can be safely used as shampoo?
Not only will your hair smell wonderful and FEEL wonderful, but it also helps control, if not eliminate, dandruff. It’s also wonderfully safe for color-treated hair! I’ve spent countless dollars on “color safe” shampoos over the years and NOTHING has retained my color like our soaps. In fact, I started using the soap as a shampoo in the hopes that it would strip my color and it’s done everything BUT.
That it’s safe to use on babies?
That’s right! Although not tear-free, our soap is excellent and so much better for use in the baby’s bath. We especially like to use those soaps with essential oils rather than fragrance oils. Any of the lavender soaps also help calm any bug bites, dry spots, and baby! We also had a customer eliminate their baby’s cradle cap with just one use.

Market News

Good morning! Last night was our first freeze of the year and the fields were covered in white this morning. It was absolutely beautiful, especially when the sun started shining on it.

There are only three weeks left to order chicken (possible two if we process extra birds every week due to the cold). This last shelter full of healthy birds is it for the year!

Turkey processing day is Tuesday, November 26! Mark your calender and stay tuned for further details. (I can tell you that I’m planning on having goodies to snack on and some mulled cider when you come to pick your turkey up!)

Christmas is just around the corner and we will be having gift bags of various styles and sizes. I haven’t worked out the details for ordering; our bags are made from 100% recycled material and, when filled with our yummy soaps and scrubs, make a great, healthy gift for anyone on your list.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible, as well as the best soaps around!