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Here are some frequently asked questions:

And here are some answers:

How do you ship?

The only items we will ship are body care items; we do NOT ship meat products. If you are looking for a local grower who produces the way we do, please check out

We ship priority mail via the US Postal Service using their flat rate packages.

Small boxes are $5.80.
Medium boxes are $12.35.
Large boxes are $16.85.

We do everything we can to fit your order into the smallest box possible but we will not crowd soaps or endanger your order by trying to cram everything in to too small a box.

Once we’ve determined your box size and have shipped your package, we will adjust your order to include the shipping price and charge your credit card.

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How do I order?

Create an account and simply add items into your shopping cart.
Once you’re done shopping, pay for your item.

If you are ordering soaps or any product that requires shipping (we do NOT ship any of our meat) your account will be adjusted and your credit card charged when we ship the items.

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What's That "sales commission to cover software development and hosting charges" charge?!

Because our ordering site is listed with, we have to pay hosting charges of 3% of our sales, + .5% for accepting credit cards.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

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When do I pay?

We accept cash or checks when you pick up your order or you can pay by credit card ahead of time.
We do not charge your credit card until your order has been filled.

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